Wednesday, September 18, 2013

enter the wine contest 

El spawn of my SO's loins emailed me a contest entry to visit a spanish winery, thus I am making one of my incredibly rare blog entries that no one but the linkback marketing intern (Hi intern) will ever see. But it is 10 entry points and gosh a trip to spain to drink wine would be quite fantastic, I also bought a lottery ticket, if that works out perhaps I'll just buy the winery!

Anyway do enter the contest if you see this. http://buyingguide.winemag.com/features/destinations/2013/marques-de-riscal/contest

Ah reading the rules I see I need to give the recipe of my espcial tapas recipe that goes perfect with Marqués de Riscal Rosado 2012

Take a small tortila, sprinkle with a mix of Cabrales, sharp cheddar and feta cheeses, and some chopped tomato, a bit of dill, grill briefly, slice in quarters, exquisite!

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